Privacy Policy

Your data will only be used for administrative purposes and to inform you about targeted offers. Your data is therefore solely for internal use of Sallandshoeve and the holiday provider with whom you have made your reservation. Other parties than Sallandshoeve and the relevant holiday provider will not have access to your data. Your data will also not be made available to others, unless, for example, this is required in the context of some legal obligation (see also the Privacy Statement). By concluding a conciliation agreement with Sallandshoeve, the holiday provider has declared to agree with Sallandshoeve's privacy policy.

It is the policy of Sallandshoeve to respect the privacy of the affiliated providers and those that make reservations, who visit the Sallandshoeve website. Sallandshoeve acts as a mediator between the consumer and the provider of holidays and/or products and will only mutually disclose the relevant personal data of the consumer and of the provider in order to be able to process the booking in the proper way. The information held by Sallandshoeve will not be provided or sold by Sallandshoeve to third parties, except when it is necessary to:

  • comply with legal requirements and/or procedures or to comply with legal orders
  • protect and defend the rights and property of Sallandshoeve
  • comply with the terms and conditions of Sallandshoeve.

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