Explore the Sallandse Heuvelrug

The Sallandse Heuvelrug National Park is a beautiful nature reserve where you can go on beautiful walking and cycling tours. Lovers of nature will truly enjoy seeing this nature reserve. You can also make a trip to a charming village or a nice city for a day of shopping or breathing in culture. Are you looking for some thrill and excitement? Then head over on to Adventure Park Hellendoorn to ride the roller coaster or plow with a mountain bike over muddy trails. There is always something going on in the vicinity of our holiday park! Suggestion: for many fun day trips you can buy tickets at the reception.



Natuurdiorama de Holterberg

The Natuurdiorama on the Holterberg has one of the largest collections of European animal species. There are 11 life-size dioramas, which are very unique in the Netherlands. Across the museum a treasure hunt for children is also set up.
Around park: 11km

Dondertman Petting Zoo (Copy)

Children's farm Dondertman is located only five kilometers from holiday park Sallandshoeve. A cozy and informative day out, with many small animals, a cuddle corner, bouncy castle, large playground and a go-kart track.
Around park: 10km

Adventure Park Hellendoorn

Avonturenpark Hellendoorn has over 30 attractions and shows. The whole family will experience exciting adventures in attractions such as the Sungai Kalimantan, the longest rafting river in the Netherlands.
Around park: 27km

Dinoland Zwolle

Do you dare to come face to face with lifelike dinosaurs? Come to Dinoland Zwolle! Here you can walk around among more than 100 dinosaurs including the T-Rex.
Around park: 31km

Apenheul Apeldoorn

A forest full of stray monkeys; that is the Apenheul! The Apenheul is located at the edge of Apeldoorn, in the middle of the nature of the Veluwe. Admire the more than 300 monkeys.
Around park: 12km

Ice skating rink de Scheg Deventer

Enjoy skating with your friends or family. Skate a fast time, join a skating course, watch an ice theater, ice dancing or participate yourself.
Around park: 14km

Sallands Maisdoolhof Lemelerveld

Go on an adventure in the Groot Sallands Maisdoolhof. Defeat the meters high corn plants and reach the center of the maze. Climb the giant watchtower.
Around park: 15km

Boer’n Xpeditie Lemelerveld

Go on an expedition on the farm. During the expedition, set off with your own farmer passport and get to know the dairy cows on the farm.

Golf Clubs

Around park: 13km

Sallandsche Golfclub ‘De Hoek’ (Diepenveen)

The Sallandsche Golfclub 'De Hoek' now has an 18-hole course. The course is located east of Diepenveen. Twelve of the holes run through the woods.
Around park: 15km

Golfclub de Koepel (Wierden)

Golfclub de Koepel is located in Wierden near Almelo (Overijssel). Formerly the estate was known as the 'Wierdense Duinen', which is now a golf course.
Around park: 18km

Golfclub Erve Braakman (Hoge Hexel)

Golfclub Erve Braakman does not only offer the experienced, but also the upcoming golfer the opportunity to participate in a relaxed atmosphere.
Around park: 23km

Twentsche Golfclub (Ambt-Delden)

The first course of the Twentsche Golfclub. Today, there are 18 holes and the Golfclub is an integral part of Ambt-Delden in Twente.

Mountain biking

Bikepark Salland

Are you looking for a challenging mountain bike track? Then BikePark Salland is the perfect outing during your vacation. Both beginners and experts can cross over fun and informative elements!
Around park: 14km

Wechelerveld route (4 kilometers)

The longest single track trail of the Netherlands, a nearly five kilometers long technical course on an old exercise site and a former landfill. A perfect training course.  View the roadmap here

Around park: 11km

Purple route Hellendoorn (18 kilometers)

This route can be driven as an extension to the blue route. This purple route is 18 kilometers long. This can be a difficult route!  View the roadmap here

Around park: 7km

Blue route Holten (25 kilometers)

It is possible to drive over the Bergweg and via Haarle to Rijssen and from there back to Holten. This is a distance of 25 kilometers.  View the roadmap here

Around park: 14km

Oostermaet route (approximately 30 kilometers)

Via dirt roads and old fields through the oldest woodland in this area with challenging pieces of single tracks.  View the roadmap here .

Around park: 39km

Salland route (approximately 34 kilometers)

Through the heart of Salland along the Overijssels kanaal. These routes are connected via connection routes with MTB routes on the Sallandse Heuvelrug, the Veluwe and the Achterhoek.  View the roadmap here 


Nature & Culture

Around park: 6km

National Park de Sallandse Heuvelrug

National Park the Sallandse Heuvelrug is one of the largest contiguous heathlands of Europe. You can sometimes even imagine yourself abroad. Admire vast moors, dense forests, the tranquility and an impressive relief.
Around park: 8km

Buitencentrum Sallandse Heuvelrug

In the BuitenCentrum is for instance a restaurant with a fireplace and terrace, an exhibition space, a telescope room and planetarium and a shop with fun items. At the BuitenCentrum several marked hiking and cycling routes start.
Around park: 14km

Castle Het Nijenhuis

Between the villages Heino and Wijhe lies on the Salland route one of the most beautiful and best preserved manors of the region: Castle Het Nijenhuis. The castle is one of the locations of Museum the Fundatie and exhibits parts of the impressive art collection of Dirk Hannema.
Around park: 9km

A lifelong Farmer

A few years ago Broer Pekkeriet has started a collection of ancient farmers' equipment and tools, this way a great collection is created. The visitor can imagine himself in the past with a tour of the museum due to its beautiful and true-to-life paintings on the walls.
Around park: 6km

Canadian Cemetery

This Canadian cemetery contains the graves of Canadian soldiers who were killed during the final days of the war in the North of the Netherlands and Germany. The Canadian cemetery is open during sunrise and sunset.
Around park: 4km

The Sprengenberg

The Sprengenberg is a very varied and beautiful nature reserve of National Park De Sallandse Heuvelrug. You will find vast forests, rolling moors and many plants and animals. Including the impressive Scottish Highlanders.
Around park: 9km

Agricultural museum de Laarman

What once began with the purchase of one tractor has now become an agricultural museum. The Laarman wants to show young and older audiences the regional agricultural history and the farmer's culture and let them experience it. Museum de Laarman is housed in a former mill from the late fifties.
Around park: 10km

Agricultural museum de Laarman (Copy)

What once began with the purchase of one tractor has now become an agricultural museum. The Laarman wants to show young and older audiences the regional agricultural history and the farmer's culture and let them experience it. Museum de Laarman is housed in a former mill from the late fifties.

Towns and Cities

Around park: 9km


Raalte, a town in the heart of Salland, where historic villages, estates and farms set the scene. The village of Raalte is the center of the municipality with its lively and extensive shopping center and the many events organized throughout the year.
Around park: 12km

Holten en Rijssen

On the border of Salland and Twente is the municipality of Rijssen-Holten. The highlight of the municipality is of course the Holterberg in the middle of the beautiful nature. The village of Holten has a cozy village center with a lot of events and the city of Rijssen presents itself as a shopping city.
Around park: 14km

Hanzestad Deventer

Deventer is considered one of the oldest cities in our country. From 806 stems the first entry in the archives about a small settlement along the IJssel. Hanzestad Deventer is buzzing and is definitely worth a day out.
Around park: 22km


Anyone approaching the city of Zutphen from the West is impressed by its beautiful location on the water. The river the IJssel and the impressive merchant houses on the quay invite for a visit from afar. Something, which is done annually by thousands of tourists.
Around park: 28km


Zwolle, the capital of Overijssel, a cultural and historic Hanzestad where there is always something to discover. With its charming historic city center, the city oozes culture. Really everywhere the traces of its rich past can be found.


Around park: 0km

Hekk'n Path (6 or 9 km)

Directly behind our vacation resort, you can immediately start this delightful walk. The Hekk'n Path has two variants: will you choose the 6km purple route or the 9km green route? These routes lead you along the stunning farm landscape and the Sallandse Heuvelrug National Park.
Around park: 6km

In the track of the giant (8 kilometers)

The Sallandse Heuvelrug consists of hilly landscape with expansive views, gorgeous varied woods and rolling moors. You walk through the lush countryside on dirt roads and forest paths, down and up again to enjoy wonderful views.
Around park: 5km

Panorama Holterberg (10 kilometers)

You imagine yourself abroad when you are watching the hills of the Veluwe at the highest point of the Holterberg, 30 kilometers away. The Sallandse Heuvelrug is a region of superlatives, with one of the largest continuous moors of the Netherlands, in early autumn a purple splendor.
Around park: 6km

Zwerven over bergen (13 kilometers)

The Sallandse Heuvelrug is a unique landscape with its vast, hilly forests, heaths and sand drifts. The starting point of the walk is Holten, located at the foot of the Holterberg. It is sometimes quite a climb, but the views are breathtaking.
Around park: 15km

The five peaks around Markelo (22 kilometers)

The five peaks around Markelo in one walk. The contrasting mountain of Markelo up to the Holterberg. The romantic Dingspelerberg bordered by a hedgerow. Up ahead the 'unruly' Kattenberg and finally the highest of the five, "The Timid' Herikerberg hidden in a dense forest.
Around park: 7km

The Wereldtijdpad (50 kilometers)

The Wereldtijdpad is the longest outdoor time path of the world. In total, about 50 kilometers are divided into nine loops with at about every 25 meters a year pole. To these year poles cubes are attached that you can rotate and it shows a short and brief story that relates to the year.

Top 10 heideroutes - Paarse Pracht

In augustus kleuren de heidevelden paars! Een bekend fenomeen waar je op verschillende plekken in ons land van kunt genieten. Wees er snel bij, want de intense kleur vlakt in september alweer af. De boswachters hebben de mooiste wandelroutes met bloeiende heides voor je op een rij gezet